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Art is a true lifesaver!

"Art is a true lifesaver! After being short notice relocated for work, we literally had 5 days to find a rental home! We decided to take it upon ourselves until we found Art and he took over (even after we gave him a hefty, detailed want list :)). Being a nervous wreck due to working long hours and staying in a hotel, Art's calm demeanor and reassurance were beyond comforting and welcome. Art came through big time and found us an amazing rental- in less than 5 days!!!! Outside of being a well versed and knowledgeable realtor, Art is one of the kindest and most decent human beings you could meet. From our first phone call interaction down to his business cards, Art has a passion for what he does, Texas, and people! No doubt that we will be using him to purchase in the coming year! "Do what you do so well that people see it and bring their friends" - Walt Disney"

- Megan

We highly recommend him

"Art is an absolute professional who will get the job done right! He was perfectly attentive and responsive to all our requirements and requests. We highly recommend him for your next real estate need!"

- Kamalan

I will only be working with him from now on

"Art was so helpful in trying to find a house in such a short amount of time. He truly cared about helping us rather than just helping himself. He talked to us about many different options since we needed to find a house in a very short amount of time and he was completely honest with us about what areas would be best for our daughter. I will only be working with him form now on when trying to find a house around San Antonio! He was great!"

- Janna

Art is a people person

"Looking for a Realtor that cares? Look no further. Art is a people person, so full of life and compassion as well as a commitment to quality. When you're dealing with Art you know you're in the hands of a true professional!"

- Abby

Professional and genuine

"I recently had the pleasure of meeting Art and was very impressed with his real estate knowledge. Art is professional and genuine, my team and I are looking forward to working with him."

- Melissa

He is highly knowledgeable

"Highly likely to recommend. My husband and I have officially nicknamed Art "John Wick". He is highly knowledgeable in the field, trustworthy and an amazing negotiator. He got us our home of my dreams and understood our family needs and made the whole process smooth instead of being in a stressful state. I would recommend him to everyone and will do business with him again"

- Jodeen

Informative, helpful, polite, friendly

"Informative, helpful, polite, friendly, available, and I cannot ad lib enough to use one hundred and fifty characters. I have found that the more words one uses, the more he or she is ignored. Have a wonderful day and may God bless you!"

- Beth

Highly recommended... remotely or not!

I very rarely do this for anyone which should set the tone for this review. I highly recommend Art Meister for any real estate needs you have. He recently led me through the sale of my home in San Antonio, all done remotely. Despite the distance he made a concerted effort to be responsive all while being very friendly. I was under pressure and overwhelmed with my less than perfect situation, but Art was always there to reassure me and kept me positive. There was a serious issue that arose during the process and even though I was stressed out and afraid, Art did his best to keep me calm and on track and the situation ended up being handled. He went above and beyond a normal realtor by making sure I got what I wanted above everything else and maintained a clear path. It is apparent from the moment you first interact with him that he is not a stereotypical realtor just out for a profit. From one veteran to another, thank you for your service and services!
- Erica 

He will help you find the right house for you!

I was looking to purchase a home, and early in the process I met Art at an open house. He became my realtor and worked with me through the home buying process. He was patient and answered my questions about the homes we saw and told me what I would need to take care of as the owner. I was very specific on what I wanted and he was willing to work with me for months to get me the house that I was looking for. He has also been helpful after closing, answering questions I have about owning a first home and giving me information and recommendations to have work done on the house. I had a nice experience finding a house with Art, he was always positive in the home search!
- Allison 

Art exceeded all of my expectations!

I signed for my house on November 28th 2018 and it's all thanks to Art Meister!!!
Art Meister definitely exceeded all of my expectations. As a first time homebuyer, I was not familiar with the terminology or the best process people to get involved. Right away Art was incredibly friendly and took the time to sit with me to determine what would be the best fit for me. I have a crazy schedule and he went out of his way to accommodate me, meeting with me late in the evenings and working all day with me both Saturdays and Sundays. I was truly blessed to have him as my realtor and I honestly feel that I would still be on the market for a house if it wasn't for him. It fills my heart with so much joy to know Art can help my closest friends and family in purchasing their future forever home . I look forward to continue working with Art in the near future on house #2.

He is the BEST!!!!

Art Meister was so Amazingly dedicated & very knowledgeable. He was present at all of my appointments with the Sales Counselor. He was with me from start to finish. He explained the fees and answered all of my questions concerning the next step to purchasing my new home. I "Highly" Recommend Art for your next New Home or Preowned Home and for Selling your home. He is the BEST!!!!

He guided us through the whole process

Art was great. He was patient and understanding of our needs and guided us through the entire process with great expertise.
- Jeremy 

Art was constantly available and patient as we bought our first home

Art was constantly available and reached out several times to ensure we knew the next step in the process. We are first-time home buyers and he was patient, enthusiastic, and available at all times.
- Eldon 

You cannot go wrong choosing Art!

I accepted a new job in San Antonio moving from Wisconsin and we were looking to rent or rent to own options. My mom and aunt were dropping by homes for us. One particular property Art's company was in charge of letting us in to view the home. Art realized that the home we wanted to see had already been listed as rented and called my mom right away. He was at an open house nearby and asked if they could stop by and talk. Art took the time that evening to speak with us about our plans and what we were looking for. He recommended many different options and held our hand through each step. He was kind, thoughtful, and honest. We could not have asked for a better broker on our side. Finally we found the home we wanted after looking through what seemed like a lot of different homes and neighborhoods. It was at that point Art took the reigns and got us this beautiful home that had literally everything on our wish list! It was perfect. We got it for a reasonable price too! Being that we were from out of town and never purchased in Texas, Art took the time to explain all the real estate nuances and how the process worked. And after closing, he came by the house to make sure we had everything we needed and introduced me to the local craft brews! Art became a trusted partner and friend during our process. I’m not saying that he will become your best friend, but the guy is hard to not like. My family and I can not thank him enough for all he has done for us in making us feel welcome and for being a stand up, trust worthy person in and out. We will ALWAYS use Art for our selling and purchasing of real estate and refer to him all our friends, family, and co-workers. You cannot go wrong choosing Art! 
- Joshua and Monica 

Art is a true professional.

Art is a true professional, he can help you find what you need in the time frame and budget you’re working with!
- Crystal 

Thanks for everything Art!

Art made buying a home from out of state SO MUCH easier than it would have been otherwise. He answered our questions with ease and helped us compile a list of homes that fit out needs. So when it came time to travel to Texas and see the homes, he organized the entire day and we had chosen one by that night. ONE DAY! He was helpful and kind, such a breath of fresh air from some of the realtors we'd worked with who were more curt and pushy than I was comfortable with. Thanks for everything, Art!
- Shelli

Highly Likely to Recommend

"My wife and I were making a huge change in our lives by going into the Air Force. Our goals had changed and we were looking to sell our two homes in the Alamo Ranch area of San Antonio. We did not enjoy the experience we had with our last realtor. There was very little communication. That experience showed us what we would value in our next realtor. We used USAA's realtor services and they gave us a few contacts. Art Meister was one of them. As we went through the interview process most realtors were only focused on the money aspect or "I can sell your house for this much." We were determined to find a realtor to build a relationship with. We valued integrity and communication. Art focused on branding himself as a realtor with integrity and who would focus on "us" as the seller. We decided to go with Art because of those reasons and because he was a fellow Air Force veteran. After our first home went on the market we became very comfortable calling each other. This became essential because we would discuss ways of adding value and exposure to the home. In 18 days we got our first off at full asking price. My wife and I were shocked. Soon after we listed our second home. We knew this home would be a tough sale based on its location and competition. This is were Art shined. He really had to find a way to put us ahead of the competition. We followed his advice by replacing carpet and repainting inside the home. The idea being to make the home look and feel like a new home. Instead of waiting for buyers to come to him he also started networking with fellow realtors to get more interest. In just a short time we got another great offer. This time however the inspection was not as clean as before. Art was able to negotiate with the other realtor that was very favorable. Now that my wife and I are well into our new direction it has been so much easier financially and feel stress free. We now consider Art a friend and will always have that connection. Thank you Art for your hard work, integrity and friendship."
- Phillip and Nancy

As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Converse, Live Oak, Garden Ridge, and in other local real estate markets.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

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