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First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

I continue to search for First Time Home Buyers to see how I can help them. I know and understand their struggle. Perhaps there has been a divorce or bankruptcy in the past and now it’s been 3 years since you have owned a home. Guess what? You are now considered a First Time Home Buyer. I’ve helped many families buy BRAND NEW HOMES.


The new homeowners had many of the following:

               · Were current renters.

               · Didn’t think they could buy a home.

               · Had 580 credit scores or better.

               · Were tired of competing and bidding on pre-owned homes and losing out.

               · Had been told by other lenders it would take months for them to get their

            credit in shape.

               · Thought they couldn’t BUY a home.


And then:

               · They wrote earnest money checks for $1000 or less. ($500 in some cases)

               · Had zero closing costs.

               · Have HOUSE Payments of $1200 - $1500 per month.

               · Received ONE month with no payment.


The joy of handing someone the keys to their NEW HOME, is more fulfilling than you can imagine. You see, it is a passion of mine to help people find a home they can call their own and make the memories they see others make. So…why not you?


I didn’t want to take too much of your time, I just have one final question, what can I do for you today? Pick up the phone now and call me, text me, or email me. I’m here to help you and I know the path to Home Ownership.


What In The World Can I Do For You?